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Monday March 20th 2017

Yes the season is now up and running. This was the first of the seniors scheduled match fixtures. Our hosts requested a team of 24 which we were more then able to oblige.  The game was played in reasonable weather follow by an excellent lunch, all P&B players enjoyed the day but not the result as we lost by 7-5.

Thursday March 23rd

The seniors visited Chester G.C for this game again played in reasonable weather, the course was a little wet in areas. The game was played in the usual good spirits followed by a super lunch. All the P&B players enjoyed the game and again not the result as we were well beaten by 71/2-21/2.

Thursday March 30th.

On this occasion we visited Upton by Chester G.C with the usual excellent hospitality shown to P&B again another excellent day but the result not very encouraging as we lost narrowly  6-4 . Getting Closer.

Tuesday April 4th.

We travelled to Eaton G.C for this game. This game was as usual tightly contested with some good golf from both sides and ended in a stalemate with a 5-5 score line. As usual the game was followed with a good lunch and  good banter between both sides.

Thursday April 13th 2017.

This was our Reciprocal with Pryor’s Hayes G.C . This was the first time we visited this club which saw some 40 players take part for Spring Cup. The venue was good and the hospitality shown to us was first class. The competition was won by John Ingle with Ged Hall 2nd, Derek Draper 3rd and Wiz Wizeman in 4th place. Pryor’s Hayes also enjoyed Delete repeated word there day at P&B and are already planning a return next year.

Tuesday March 18th 2017

This was he first of our home games. On this occasion we welcomed the boys from Denbigh G.C . The game was played in good weather good spirits and our course in Excellent condition followed by an excellent lunch. The result was at last better as we managed to win 6-4. Well done boys.

Thursday 27th April 2017.

This was the first of two competitions with the club’s ladies, the competition was played as a Texas Scramble with 2 x ladies and 2 x Gents followed by an excellent lunch provided by Ian Reid and his team. The competition winners were Team 5, (Rhys Bellis, Azi Rashud, Ja Trotter and Chris Canham )with Team 10 ( Nigel Bingham, Dave Mountfort, Lady Vice and Sandra Armstrong) in 2nd place .

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Excellent day at V.o. Llangollen, good weather, good food and good company. The result was not so good as the team lost narrowly  6-4, despite that we all enjoyed the day.

Tuesday 9th May 2017.

The team welcomed Rhuddlan Seniors and enjoyed excellent day, excellent weather, excellent food and the usual good banter between the teams and for once we had an excellent result with a 61/2 to 31/2 win.

Tuesday 16th May 2017

P&B welcomed Upton seniors, despite the poor weather at the start of play which soon disappeared and followed by some good weather. As usual the game was played in good spirits and enjoyed by all. The game was followed with a good lunch and good banter. P&B ran out winning the game by 7_3.

Thursday 18th May 2017.

Some 62 players took part in the Seniors Jubilee Bowl, this event was won with some excellent scores and decided by a C.P.O.

1st Paul Egington 41 points

2nd Dave Orwin 41 points

3rd Chris Boyle 41 points

Well done to winners and Many Thanks for your support.

Thursday June 1st.

P&B seniors welcomed Eaton Seniors, the game was played in the usual good spirits good weather and as we come to expect from our catering team good food. P&B had a narrow victory winning by 6 games to 4.

Wednesday June 7th.

The team travelled to Heswall G.C to take on there seniors the game was played  on a blistery  but dry day. The P&B team enjoyed good company and lunch. The result ended in honourably draw at 5 games each.

Wednesday June 14th.

Abergele Seniors hosted the visit from team P&B Seniors, the game was enjoyed by all with the course in good condition this was followed by a good lunch and the usual good banter. P&B enjoyed a narrow victory 51/2 to 41/2.

Tuesday 20th June.

Glyn Hughes wins the Vets Trophy ( Over 60′s) on a Card Play Off with  40 points with Frank Rogers and Terry Pritchard 2nd & 3rd,

Thursday 22nd June

Team P&B Seniors hosted the return match the visitors were Abergele Seniors, again this game was enjoyed by all as the course was in excellent condition followed by an excellent lunch and some good banter between the teams. On this occasion team had a more convicting victory by 81/2 to 11/2.

Tuesday 27th June.

On this occasion Team P&B welcomed Bromborough G.C who are relative newcomers to our fixture list and the continue to praise our golf course. The game was as usual played in great spirits and enjoyed by all the game was followed by an excellent lunch thanks to Ian and his team. P&B made home advantage count by winning this fixture 81/2 to 1/1/2.

Thursday July 6th 2017.

Yes another excellent day as team P&B entertained Wrexham G.C with the usual good spirits both teams enjoyed the conditions of the course and a good lunch, P&B had a narrow win 6-4.

Thursday July 13th 2017.

Team P&B entertained Chester Seniors on the second leg of our 2017 fixture. The game was played in excellent conditions and as commented by all the Chester players the course was in super condition. Both teams enjoyed a good lunch and the usual banter was clearly visible but the result was not so favourable for the visitors as Team P&B ran out winners by 9-1.

Tuesday July 18th 2017

Team P&B hosted another excellent day as we entertained the V.o.L seniors but on this occasion Llangollen could only field a team of 16 players despite this the game was played with the usual banter and good spirits. P&B ran out winning this game by 61/2 to 11/2.

Monday July 31th 2017

Team P&B travelled to Wrexham G.C for the 2nd of our scheduled games, the game was played in good weather, good spirits followed with an excellent lunch. The game ended in an honourable draw at 5 games each.

Monday 14th August.

Team P&B travelled to Denbigh G.C to do battle with there seniors, the game was played in reasonable conditions, despite this the game was enjoyed by all, as we have now come to expect the good banter between the teams and an excellent meal Thanks to all. Team P&B ran out winning the tie by 61/2 to 31/2.

Tuesday 5th September.

Some 40 players played for the Autumn Trophy at our reciprocal at Henlle Park G.C, the course was a good test of golf and played in good weather followed by an excellent lunch, many thanks to all for their support and to the staff at Henlle Park making it an excellent day. The trophy was won by Dave Tapp (38 pts) on a C.P.O with Nigel Bingham in 2nd place, Dave Clague 3rd and John Clarke 4th.

Thursday 7th September.

Team P&B seniors entertained the team from Heswall G.C, the game was played in the usual good spirits and enjoyed by an excellent lunch, this game was the final home game of the season, time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Team P&B enjoyed a comfortable victory with a score of 8 games to 2.

Thursday September 28th

The Ladies and Seniors combined forces to play a 4 person Rumble competition the game was played in good weather with the course in the usual excellent condition followed by an excellent lunch, Many Thanks to all who played also the Green Staff and the Catering team. The competition was won by Michelle Weigh, Charlie Jones, Bill Jones and Azi Rashud, 2nd place went to Lady Captain, Colin Jerrett, Elaine Warwick and Ged Hall.

Monday October 9th 2017 .

Team P&B travelled to Bromborough G.C to play our final game of 2017, the game was played in the usual good spirits with the course in good condition although very wet in places, The home team have a comfortable win by 81/2 to 11/2 this did not dampen our spirits although we lost this fixture we also had another excellent year. Many Thanks for the teams continued support.

Thursday October 19th 2017

For our  seniors annual Away Day we travelled to Runcorn G.C. The day started  with good weather but ended with heavy rain which for some it made play near impossible as some retired early, to make matters worse on of our members took a fall which although look nasty as the player was able to walk (hobble) after a visit to hospital the resulted was a broken ankle bone. This was followed by a Less then average meal, however we made the best of a bad day and enjoyed the  crack. The event was won by Kevin Grandfield, M Sixsmith(2) , Gary Bellis (3) Dave Thompson (4).

Wednesday November 29th 2017.

The final of the seniors K.O final was played, Ian Crompton & Ray Garston won this  very close match by beating Graham Patience & Frank Rogers.

Thursday 7th December 2017.

The seniors got in the Festive mood by playing golf and enjoying an excellent dinner and some excellent entertainment, this event was the annual Christmas Lunch & golf. A Huge Thanks to all for there support and to those who helped (too many to mention ) make this an excellent. Our new captain Phil Caslin carried out his first official duty by presentation the prizes to :  Winner Chris Pilley, 2nd Peter Jones, 3dr Gary Davies, 4th Alun Kendrick also Front: Wiz Wiseman & Back: Peter Hughes + various other prizes. Past President Gareth Hughes presented the Merit trophy winner to Dave Orwin. Seniors chairman presented the new Seniors Trophy to winner Colin Jerrett.

Many Thanks to all for your continued support throughout the year and lets look forward to an even better 2018





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