Full membership is now available as a single annual payment of £575.00 (monthly payment options available).

These charges include Golf Union of Wales fees, County affiliation fees and Members’ liability Insurance.

There is no joining fee.

Lifestyle Membership

If you only play a few times a year but want the  benefits of being a member of a Club (including a CONGU handicap) and being able to play in competitions (some restrictions apply) this could be for you.

For just £295.00 you get membership and a book of 20 vouchers entitling you to 10 rounds of golf or 20 nine hole rounds any day of the week.

Additional vouchers can be purchased for £15 for two and there is no limit to the number you can buy.

Play as often or as little as you want.

Details of our membership packages are shown below but if you have any questions our admin team will be pleased to answer them

(01244 550537 Option 2) or email

Or download our Membership Application Form 2018 today!

Membership fees 01 October 2017/18

Membership Cost
Full Member £575.00
 5 Day £480.00
 Lifestyle £295.00
 Young Persons (18-25) £275.00
 *Intermediate (Under 18) £215.00
 Junior (under 18) £85.00
 Social £30.00

*Intermediate membership is for under 18′s who have a low enough handicap and wish to enter adult competitions.