The Oil Works & Collieries

The map below is based on an OS map from the 1870s. Much of the boundary and other details have been removed to show the Oil Works, Collieries and trackways more clearly.

OS map from the 1870's

The tramway running from the Coppa Oil Works passed over the 9th fairway and crossed the river to the North Wales Coal and Oil Works continuing on to the Alyn Bank Collieries on the Pontblyddyn side.

The detail above and to the left of ‘Coppa Colliery’ are the tramway/sidings and above those are the retorts where the oil was distilled.

A pair of wheels recovered from the site.The area next to ‘Coppa House’ had a tramway running alongside it, next to the railway line, and there is evidence that some form of loading platform and buildings had been constructed there.

The present Clubhouse (centre) is shown as Caeau rather than Caia as we know it today.

The tramways were narrow gauge and little remains. However, a pair of wheels has been recovered from the site.