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Updates from all areas of the Club including a note on how rake a bunker! - PB Newsletter September 2016

200 Club Dragons News…


The first 200 club Dragons’ Den considered three areas for investment; new trophy cabinet, re-furbish lounge chairs, and new course furniture. The majority decision was to pay £3,500 for 60 lounge chairs to be re-furbished.

As we will have accumulated at least £4,350 by the end of our third session in December, there was then a second vote to decide whether to; leave the remaining £850 in the 200 club bank account, buy 36 new players’ bunker rakes, or fund a number of ball washers/litter bins/distance markers.  Foggie showed us a sample “Sparrow” rake with aluminium handle, and substantial rake head that can be replaced.  He explained that he and Mal Owens had seen the same rakes at several different clubs and they are the best that have encountered.  The majority voted to buy these rakes, which will cost £560.

Many thanks to everyone who has joined the 200 club, and especially those who attended the Dragons’ Den.

Hopefully all members and staff currently in the 200 club will continue, and the chance to win circa £500 and our choice of clubhouse and course improvements will encourage more folk to join. We now have 99 members and staff in the 200 club, and if we get just 1 more, there will be three prizes of exactly £500 to be won in the next draw during Christmas bingo on Thursday 15th December.

If you can persuade any of your friends to join the 200 club, there are plenty of application forms behind the bar…..


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